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Eleague Major Teams

Esports NaVi siegt in Köln bei ESL One 9. Juli ; Esports Faceit suspendiert k1to wegen rassistischer Kommentare gegen Mitspieler April ; Esports. Januar , als ein Team-Turnier nach Schweizer-System in der ELEAGUE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, statt. Der Vizepräsident des. Nach drei Wochen hatten beide Teams 22 Mannschaften hinter sich gelassen und gezeigt, dass sie dieses Mal nicht unerwartet früh das Feld.

ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018

mousesports (Teilnehmer PGL. Ein neues Jahr, ein neues Major-Turnier in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Wir stellen alle wichtigen Details zur Meisterschaft im Team-Shooter vor. - Seite 2. Trotz großer Ambitionen schied Team Misfits sehr früh aus dem Counter-Strike-​Major-Turnier der ELEAGUE aus. Nun haben drei Spieler das.

Eleague Major Teams I Am The Night Video

ELEAGUE Major 2017 - Groups Day 4, Team Liquid vs. Astralis BO1: Full Match

Vega Squadron Spielbank Deutschland 16 Krakow jR Mir keshandr hutji Chopper. Zum Thema. So einfach geht's: 1 Adblocker deaktivieren.

Das Angebot Гber die registrierte Eleague Major Teams erhalten. - DANKE an unsere Werbepartner.

Flipsid3 Tactics 9- 16 Krakow markeloff B1ad3 WorldEdit wayLander seized. FaZe Clan (Teilnehmer PGL. Natus Vincere (Teilnehmer PGL. mousesports (Teilnehmer PGL. Sprout (Teilnehmer PGL. The ELEAGUE Major: Boston is the 12th Valve sponsored Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship and the first of two in The tournament featured a $1,, USD prize pool as well as Valve's newly rebranded format and increase to 24 teams. ELeague Major took place from January 22 to 29, making it the longest-running major with eight days. Previous majors lasted three to six days. Like previous majors, eight teams received an automatic bid based on their top eight placement at the previous major, ESL One Cologne , and another eight teams qualify through the Major Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, United States. 26/1/ · The first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major of the year is nearing its end and only eight teams are left in one of the most exciting and prestigious tournaments in CS:GO history.. The ELeague Author: Kellen Beck. Streams [ edit ] ELEAGUE Huomao Starladder 99Damage League Of Legends All Stars Gamers Club GamerTV. Vega Squadron 2 - 3 42 - 70 Overpass Train Mirage Inferno Mirage AtlantaGeorgiaUnited States. Was Ist Schlagcreme grand finals put the pressure on the tournament favorites FaZe Clan, which defeated mousesports and Natus Vincere, and the dark horse Cloud9, which upset G2 Esports and SK Gaming. The day after qualifying for the Major, the Team Dignitas organization dropped its full roster of players to form Slitter.Io Spielen North America-based team in its stead. Benfica Maritimo Boston CS:GO Premier Counter-Strike: Ecuador Serie B Offensive. New Challengers Stage [ edit ] Team Matches Rounds Eleague Major Teams Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round Www.Rtl2spiele.De 1. The team made it to the ELeague Major playoffs with wins against HellRaisers, FaZe Clan and favorite Astralis, only dropping one game to Na'Vi, proving that this is a team that's hungry for a third Mandaly Bay Las Vegas. The first Pokerstrategie of the playoffs in the Fox Theatre pitted Natus Vincere and Astralis against each other. In the fourth round, the losers of the high matches and the winners of the low matches will face each other in round four's high matches. In the grand finals, Misfits defeated EnVyUs three games to one to take home one third of the prize pool.

Eleague Major Teams Einzahlungen mit Prepaid Karten Boock Of Ra wiederum ein Bonus von. - Preisgelder

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In the losers series, Team One came close to defeating its first international opponent, but compLexity came through The Forest Free win and Meanwhile, Stewie2K and autimatic tried to trick FaZe into thinking Cloud9 was faking to A, but two FaZe members stayed at B. CIS Minor 2. There, eight teams were invited — compLexity GamingGhost Gaming, ImmortalsLuminosity GamingMisfitsNRG EsportsRogue, and Splyce — and another eight teams qualified through an open qualifier.
Eleague Major Teams CS:GO Premier Astralis. One of the most consistent teams in the world, this Danish squad moved quickly with winning the ELEAGUE Major: Cloud9. A staple in North American esports, Cloud9 was one of the first teams from the U.S. to compete at a very high FaZe. Originally assembled as a. All sixteen teams from last major, PGL Kraków Major Championship, directly qualified for the major while another eight teams qualified through their respective regional qualifiers as ELEAGUE and Valve agreed to expand the major to 24 teams. ELEAGUE Major is the fifth consecutive major with a prize pool of $1,, A staple in North American esports, Cloud9 was one of the first teams from the U.S. to compete at a very high level against European teams. They’ve gone through a roster change since the last major, but have had plenty of time to adjust. Powered by a rejuvenated international lineup of players from Germany, the Netherlands, Bosnia, and Spain, this iconic European unit wants to make its mark at the ELEAGUE Major. The team includes NiKo, one of the best players in the world and a more. The top eight teams in this major were Natus Vincere,, Astralis, and North, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, SK Gaming, and Gambit Gaming, who were called Legends by making the top eight. In the quarterfinals, Astralis defeated Natus Vincere, Fnatic defeated Gambit Gaming, defeated North, and SK Gaming defeated FaZe Clan.

New Legends Stage [ edit ] Team Matches Rounds RD Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 1. Gambit Esports 2 - 3 60 - 69 -9 Nuke Inferno Train Overpass Mirage 9.

Vega Squadron 2 - 3 42 - 70 Overpass Train Mirage Inferno Mirage Team Liquid 1 - 3 45 - 53 -8 Inferno Inferno Overpass Inferno Astralis 1 - 3 32 - 62 Cache Train Mirage Train BIG 1 - 3 30 - 60 Inferno Inferno Cobblestone Cobblestone North 0 - 3 36 - 48 Overpass Train Cobblestone FaZe Clan 2.

January 26, - EST. Natus Vincere 2. QB Fire 0. G2 Esports 0. Cloud9 2. SK Gaming 2. January 27, - EST.

Fnatic 1. Natus Vincere 0. SK Gaming 1. FaZe Clan 1. January 28, - EST. Captains recruit players from Major players and talent.

Map is decided by community vote on Twitter. Results [ edit ] God Squad God Squad 16 12 Team Killz Team Killz January 28, - EST.

Prize Pool [ edit ] Place Team W God Squad L Team Killz. Streams [ edit ] ELEAGUE Huomao Starladder 99Damage 1PV Gamers Club GamerTV.

GamerHUTV Pitu Herranz Moreira RTPArena Hitpoint wiizz Brekan. Natus Vincere. Gambit Esports. Essa foi nossa primeira foto juntos e espero ter muitas outras com essa… " [We are thieves!

This was our first picture together and I hope to have many more] in Portuguese. CS:GO roster changes". FaZe Clan. Vega Squadron.

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Contact Us Send an email Chat with us Contact. At the recent WESG event, they once again lost to an underdog in the bracket stage as they were bested by the second best Polish roster, Team Kinguin.

They could win it all, but just as easily fail to even make a run at all. All three teams had some very good peaks in the latter part of , but all have many question marks going into the ELEAGUE Major.

Astralis seems like the best pick but they still have their history of choking to overcome. With no clear cut favorite, this major is set to be one of the most exciting ever.

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Turner Entertainment International. International Websites. However, Astralis did handily defeat Fnatic on the same map in the semifinals.

Astralis won the pistol round, but then lost the anti-economy round and would go on to lose five in a row before picking up another one.

In spite of that, Astralis, playing on the more favored side, would go on to tie the game at 5. Astralis again won the pistol round, but this time won the two anti-economy rounds it needed to tie the game at 9.

Astralis would go on to tie the game at 12, but Virtus. Snax and byali lead the way for the Polish team with 24 kills while Kjaerbye lead Astralis with 22 kills and gla1ve and dev1ce had 20 kills.

The second map was Overpass, a map both teams are excellent on. The score would end up being a deficit for Virtus.

The deficit extended when Astralis took the pistol round, but Virtus. The score would reach in Astralis's favor when the Danish team finally got another round on the board.

Astralis extended its lead to before the Poles earned another round. However, Astralis prevailed against the veterans and won the last three rounds, barely taking Overpass While dupreeh had 24 kills, Xyp9x was the most impactful with 28 kills.

Snax went huge for his team with 27 kills, but TaZ struggled with just 15 kills. Train is historically a map Virtus. While the first two maps were close in terms of rounds, Virtus.

Astralis would win an economy round of its own the following round and then eventually closed the gap to a close Astralis would tie the score at 14 and then took the lead for the first time at The Polish team was on a very limited buy with one inferior rifle, a submachine gun, a shotgun, and two pistols while Astralis had everything it needed.

Kjaerbye found byali as the Danes were heading to the A bombsite quickly. Snax attempted to challenge Kjaerbye but he was taken down.

Kjaerbye had 29 kills and dev1ce showed up in the last few rounds, but only ending the game with 15 kills. TaZ and Snax had 27 and 24 kills, respectively, for Virtus.

Kjaerbye was named the most valuable player for the ELEAGUE major and was the youngest player to earn the title. Fnatic from Sweden still lead all teams with three majors and SK Gaming Brazil has two, including one under the Luminosity Gaming banner.

With Astralis Denmark winning the ELEAGUE major, there were now five teams at one major each, with the other teams being Virtus.

This also broke the strong of a non-European team winning the major, as SK Gaming had both majors. The ranking was the first one released after the ELEAGUE Major.

ELEAGUE announced a rematch between the two finalists that took place on June 16, The showmatch was dubbed "Clash for Cash.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from ELeague Major ELEAGUE Major The ELEAGUE Major logo.

See also: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Cache Cobblestone Dust II Mirage Nuke Overpass Train. ELEAGUE TV 99Damage BiDa HuomaoTV Ogaming TV SpilerTV Starladder.

Asian Qualifier Bracket; Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Teams Renegades Invited TyLoo Invited VG. European Qualifier Bracket; Bucharest, Romania. Teams GODSENT Invited HellRaisers Invited Heroic Invited Space Soldiers Invited ENCE eSports Qualifier 1 Epsilon eSports Qualifier 1 ALTERNATE aTTaX Qualifier 2 Team LDLC.

CIS Qualifier Bracket; St. Petersburg, Russia. Teams ALL-IN High Seed RoX High Seed Team Spirit High Seed Tengri High Seed EYESport Low Seed Quantum Bellator Fire Low Seed VwS Gaming Low Seed zARLANS Low Seed.

Americas Qualifier Bracket; Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Teams Cloud9 Invited Echo Fox Invited Immortals Invited Team SoloMid Invited Selfless Gaming Qualifier 1 Splyce Qualifier 1 Muffin Lightning Qualifier 2 paiN Gaming Qualifier 2.

Immortals Americas Minor 1 Cloud9 Americas Minor 2 TyLoo Asia Minor 1 Renegades Asia Minor 2 Vega Squadron 1 CIS Minor 1 Team Spirit CIS Minor 2 GODSENT Europe Minor 1 HellRaisers Europe Minor 2.

Main Qualifier Results. SK Gaming Team Liquid Virtus. GODSENT FaZe Clan OpTic Gaming mousesports Team EnVyUs G2 Esports North 1 HellRaisers.

Relevant Tournaments. World Ranking Rank Name Team Move from 1 coldzera SK Gaming NEW 2 FalleN SK Gaming NEW 3 dev1ce Astralis 4 s1mple Natus Vincere NEW 5 Snax Virtus.

Na'Vi—Astralis Vetoes. Map Vetoes Astralis BAN PICK BAN Cobblestone Cache Overpass Mirage Train Nuke Dust II Natus Vincere BAN PICK BAN.

Gambit—Fnatic Vetoes. Map Vetoes Fnatic BAN PICK BAN Nuke Mirage Cache Overpass Cobblestone Train Dust II Gambit Gaming BAN PICK BAN.

Map Vetoes North BAN PICK BAN Train Dust II Overpass Cache Nuke Mirage ' Cobblestone Virtus. FaZe—SK Vetoes.

Map Vetoes FaZe Clan BAN PICK BAN Cobblestone Nuke Mirage Train Dust II Cache Overpass SK Gaming BAN PICK BAN. Astralis—Fnatic Vetoes. Map Vetoes Astralis BAN PICK BAN Overpass Cobblestone Cache Nuke Train Mirage Dust II Fnatic BAN PICK BAN.

Map Vetoes SK Gaming BAN PICK BAN Nuke Dust II Train Cobblestone Cache Mirage Overpass Virtus. Map Vetoes Virtus. Retrieved 13 February Game Info.

Retrieved January 14, Team Dignitas. PVP Live. The Score eSports. Nordisk Film. Copenhagen eyeing esports rosters". Copenhagen and Nordisk Film form North, sign ex-Dignitas for two years".

Copenhagen Partners with Nordisk Film, Sign Ex-Dignitas". Dot eSports. Copenhagen signs ex-Dignitas CS:GO team, launches new brand". Retrieved October 29, Slingshot eSports.

December 5, January 1, Retrieved September 21, January 29, Retrieved February 6, CS - CS:GO - ELEAGUE Major - - GosuGamers".

Retrieved July 26, Professional Counter-Strike competition. Counter-Strike Condition Zero Source Global Offensive. BLAST Premier DreamHack ELEAGUE ESL ESL Pro League Intel Extreme Masters Electronic Sports World Cup ESEA League Faceit International Esports Federation World Electronic Sports Games X Games.

BLAST Pro Series Championship Gaming Series Cyberathlete Professional League World Cyber Games World e-Sports Games World Series of Video Games.

ALTERNATE aTTaX Astralis FaZe Clan Fnatic G2 Esports GODSENT mousesports Natus Vincere Ninjas in Pyjamas North OG LDLC OL Dignitas Team Vitality Virtus.

Cloud9 Complexity Gaming Evil Geniuses Gen. G Team Envy Team Liquid. MIBR Immortals Gaming Club. Copenhagen Wolves Counter Logic Gaming Echo Fox Epsilon Esports FlipSid3 Tactics Gambit Esports Luminosity Gaming Misfits Gaming NRG Esports OpTic Gaming Selfless Gaming SK Gaming Space Soldiers Splyce Team 3D Team SoloMid Tempo Storm Titan Vega Squadron.

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The ELEAGUE Major logo. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Atlanta , Georgia , United States. Valve ELEAGUE.

SK Gaming Fnatic. Maps Cache Cobblestone Dust II Mirage Nuke Overpass Train. First round. MVP Project. Space Soldiers.

Epsilon eSports. Team Spirit. VwS Gaming. Muffin Lightning. Team SoloMid. Cologne Bottom 8 mousesports Ninjas in Pyjamas Team Dignitas FaZe Clan Team EnVyUs G2 Esports OpTic Gaming Counter Logic Gaming.

Regional Qualifiers Immortals Americas Minor 1 Cloud9 Americas Minor 2 TyLoo Asia Minor 1 Renegades Asia Minor 2 Vega Squadron 1 CIS Minor 1 Team Spirit CIS Minor 2 GODSENT Europe Minor 1 HellRaisers Europe Minor 2.

G2 Esports 16—11 Overpass. High match Team Dignitas 16—11 Mirage. High match HellRaisers 16—11 Train. FaZe Clan. Cloud9 19—17 Mirage.

High match OpTic Gaming 16—11 Overpass. High match Immortals 16—11 Mirage. HellRaisers 6—16 Train. Low match Team Spirit 16—5 Dust II.

Mid match Tyloo 16—3 Train. High match Immortals 16—3 Cache. OpTic Gaming. TyLoo 16—9 Overpass. High match FaZe Clan 11—16 Overpass.

Mid match Ninjas in Pyjamas 16—9 Overpass. High match Hellraisers 16—10 Train. Team Spirit 16—11 Mirage. High match GODSENT 11—16 Mirage.

Mid match Counter Logic Gaming 16—9 Mirage. High match G2 Esports 16—9 Nuke. Team EnVyUs. Immortals 11—16 Cobblestone. Low match G2 Esports 12—16 Dust II.

Low match Team Spirit 16—2 Dust II. Low match TyLoo 16—9 Dust II. Vega Squadron 16—12 Dust II. G2 Esports. GODSENT 11—16 Overpass.

Low match Team EnVyUs 16—12 Dust II. Mid match Vega Squadron 16—6 Dust II. High match Team Dignitas 9—16 Nuke. Immortals 19—17 Cache. High match Ninjas in Pyjamas 19—17 Overpass.

High match GODSENT 11—16 Train. High match OpTic Gaming 10—16 Train. Cloud9 16—13 Overpass. FaZe Clan 17—19 Mirage. Low match TyLoo 11—16 Mirage.

Low match Renegades 16—9 Mirage. Low match Counter Logic Gaming [1] Overpass. HellRaisers 13—16 Overpass. Vega Squadron.

Eleague Major Teams


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